Monday, 18 November 2013

Egmont Press Acquires Lynn Weingarten YA Thriller in Two Book Deal

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I've been sent the following press release by Egmont and I wanted to share it with you all today as I can't wait for Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls to come out. We have a long wait, unfortunately, as it isn't out until 2015! For more information about Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls, have a read of the below:

Egmont Press is delighted to announce the acquisition of two books by Lynn Weingarten, an exciting YA novelist with a dedicated following in the US. Her first book Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls will publish in the UK in Spring 2015.

Stella Paskins, Fiction Publisher at Egmont Press, bought UK & Commonwealth rights in the two-book deal from Nicola Barr at Greene and Heaton.

Sexy and stylish, Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls is a breathless tale of lies and deceit as the protagonist, June, is swept in to a conspiracy she can barely conceive of in the wake of her best friend’s death.

Stella Paskins commented ‘I rarely take a risk on partial manuscripts, but with its clever, atmospheric writing, edgy themes and addictive storyline, I just had to buy it for Electric Monkey.’

Nicola Barr at Greene and Heaton said, ‘Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls is not just the best title I’ve come across in ages, it’s simply the best thriller, YA or otherwise. If Gone Girl made you think a twist would never surprise you again, think again. Egmont will do the most exciting job of bringing the novel to UK readers.’


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