Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Top Five Paranormal/Supernatural Reads

For today's post I wanted to share my top five paranormal/supernatural reads with you guys. I don't read a massive amount of paranormal but I do have a few favourites so I thought I'd put a little list together for anybody else who isn't a big reader of these genres.

Perfect for fans of the dark and kooky, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a beautifully presented book and the cover is just as strong as the story inside. Click here for my review.

Fracture was one of the most pleasantly surprising books I read in 2012 and I'd really recommend this one for any contemporary fans who are looking to read more books with supernatural elements. Click here for my review.

Oh, this is just such a fun, well-written series. Alyxandra Harvey is the queen of snappy dialogue and this is, hands down, my favourite paranormal series that centres around vampires. Click here for my review of book one.

Simply put, this is one of the most stunning, beautifully-written novels I've read in years. Absolutely unique in every day, this gem of a book deserves to be read by every fiction fan. Click here for my review.

Paranormal romance is not usually my bag, but I fell completely under this book's spell and would recommend this to any fans of a gorgeous love story. Click here for my review.

So which books would you put in your top five paranormal/supernatural books?


  1. I spotted Miss Peregrine's in Mr B's Emporium the other week so I must go back and buy it soon; I haven't seen it anywhere else before.

    Will definitely check these out! Great post, Carly! x

  2. Fracture by Megan Miranda is one of my ALL-TIME favourites. Love that book, and Decker and Delaney SO much.


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