Wednesday, 11 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas is Back!

So I've decided to run my 12 Days of Christmas feature again this year after a few people requested it, which was very sweet so a big thanks for that!

I've changed a lot of the themes this time so in case anybody wanted to join in I'm going to post the schedule up here - I don't run this as a meme but if anyone does fancy it do feel free to join in with a few days, or all of them, whatever suits. If you could pop a little link back to this post if you do decide to take part I'd really appreciate it.

Without further ado, the schedule for this year's Writing from the Tub's 12 Days of Christmas is as follows:

Friday 13th: 12 2013 releases I still want to read

Saturday 14th: 11 favourite covers of 2013

Sunday 15th: 10 favourite books I read in 2013

Monday 16th: 9 2014 debuts I can't wait for

Tuesday 17th: 8 2014 non-debuts I can't wait for

Wednesday 18th: 7 book to film adaptations in 2014

Thursday 19th: 6 books on my TBR for 2014

Friday 20th: 5 new to me authors I read in 2013

Saturday 21st: 4 debut novels I read in 2013

Sunday 22nd: 3 biggest blogging achievements in 2013

Monday 23rd: 2 things I learned about blogging in 2013

Tuesday 24th: Book of the year, 2013!

Keep an eye out for these posts starting this Friday, the 13th!


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