Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Book Wishlist!

Every year I'm always surprised by the books I put on my birthday/Christmas wishlist. I'd assume I, like all readers, would have a huge wishlist of fiction but in reality I tend to put very few novels on my Christmas list. It's almost all non-fiction.

I don't review non-fiction so it's not something I talk about much here but I'm a huge non-fiction reader. I love learning, I love educating myself and if there's something I don't know about I'll teach myself about it, which is why I have almost as much non-fiction as fiction on my shelves.

I haven't bought myself too many books this year, as I've been going through the world's longest reading slump so I really haven't read very much in 2013 - maybe 30 books in total? My fiction slump means I've been reading even more non-fiction than usual but there are a few books I haven't bought for myself that I'm really, really lusting after - these are the, um, slightly more expensive ones, naturally!

That said, there are a few novels on my wishlist this year, which you can see below:

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell // Hyperbole and a Half - Allie Brosh // Information is Beautiful - David McCandless // OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu // The Power of Doing Less - Fergus O'Connell // Picture Me Gone - Meg Rosoff

Don't Peek - Martia Hansen // Face Forward // Kevyn Aucoin // Five Summers - Una LaMarche // The Elements - Theodore Gray // The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott - Dr David Wilson

Which books are on your Christmas wishlist this year? Are there any non-fiction gems you think I'm missing?


  1. Picture Me Gone looks very interesting! :D

  2. Christmas is coming, the latest Michael Kors to see here

  3. Eleanor and Park is SO good - you must read it! :D

  4. Oh I do hope that Santa brings you Eleanor and Park. That is an amazing book. I kind of feel like reading more non-fiction as well. I'm been itching to read more books about science or history. Mostly because E is endlessly curious and I just don't KNOW enough to satisfy an 8 year old :)


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