Sunday, 6 July 2014

YALC Essentials!

Next weekend I (along with a huge chunk of the UKYA community) will be heading to London for YALC, the UK's first YA literature convention and, in case you hadn't guessed, I can't blinking wait! It's going to be two days filled with all things bookish and I can't wait to see some of my favourite bloggers and authors. It's going to be great! However, it's also probably going to be busy, hot and a little bit stressful, so I've put together a little kit of my top essentials that I'll be taking with me to survive the crowds of Comic Con.

In case you can't tell from the picture:

Comfy shoes - this has got to be the number one! Don't worry about trying to pull together a stylish outfit, just sling on what's most comfortable and go for it, you'll only be miserable if your feet are killing you by the end of day one

Camera - there's bound to be a million amazing photo opportunities throughout the weekend and taking photos on your phone is going to zap the battery, so pack a camera and record those memories forever. I'm going to be vlogging at YALC so I'll be packing a couple of spare SD cards!

Hair ties and kirby grips - these only apply to the long-haired amongst us but I definitely won't be leaving home without them. It's probably going to be hot hot hot inside Earl's Court and I don't fancy rocking the 'sweaty locks stuck to my forehead' look

Business cards - perfect to give out to all the lovely new people you meet over the weekend. I may actually be business card-less as my order got cancelled yesterday so I'm not sure if my replacements will arrive in time :( (pictured are my business cards for my lifestyle blog)

Anti-bacterial hand gel - after travelling up to London on the train, navigating the tube, checking into my hotel and roaming around Earl's Court for a few hours, I know I'll be glad I packed this!

Portable phone charger - this handy little gadget is going to be a lifesaver, I know it. I'm awful for being glued to my phone and I'm sure YALC will be no exception - whether it's arranging to meet up with friends, looking up the schedule or snapping some pictures for Instagram, it's going to be so handy to be able to recharge my phone a couple of times

Lip balm - I'm going to be doing a *lot* of talking so this mint-flavoured EOS lip balm will be great for keeping my lips from getting chapped

Water - hydration, hydration, hydration. Something none of us want is a headache from dehydration and stress so make sure you drink enough. And maybe pack some paracetamol, just in case!

A couple of days ago I asked the lovely people of Twitter is they had any suggestions for this post and I got a great response - so thank you everybody who sent me their suggestions, they were super helpful! Some of my favourites are:

- Party feet gel inserts
- Spare tote bag for books
- Cash (must not forget this!)
- Snacks
- Plasters

So there we go, I've started your packing list for you :). Not long to go, guys!


  1. Definitely agree with camera and business cards, and thank you because I'd actually forgotten about water!

  2. Oh I'm so not prepared - my list currently consists of coach ticket, camera (+ batteries) & phone. Eek!


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