Saturday, 19 July 2014

YALC Write Up - Day One

So, like a huge chunk of the UKYA community I headed up to London last weekend for the UK's first YA literature convention, which was part of London Film and Comic Con. I decided to split my write up into two posts, one for each day, so my post doesn't end up too long!

I travelled up to London on my own, and that time mostly consisted of sending a million tweets, trying to quietly eat crackers in the quiet carriage on the train and bouncing around in my seat because I was so excited. I arranged to meet my blogging pal, Raimy, and her sister at Earls Court so we could brave the giant queue together and, golly, was it a giant queue!

Yeah, the queue was huge, but I think we all expected it so we chatted and spotted awesome cosplay while we waited. We spied a bunch of bloggers too, which was fun! After an hour and a half we managed to get inside and, gee whizz, if I thought it was hot outside that was nothing compared to the temperature inside! I have to admit I did feel a little overwhelmed when I first got inside as there were literally HUNDREDS of people shoving their way through a teeny tiny little space to get into the main floor. Things did clear out when we found out way to the Book Zone, so I got a chance to cool off and chill out with some of the loveliest people in the world - other bookish types!

I met up with a tonne of my blogging and author friends (some of who I hadn't seen for almost four years!) and met some brilliant new friends too - including Georgina from What She Reads, who I have to give a special shout out as we spent all of Saturday together and she's such a lovely girl, so do check out her blog if you have a minute!

The Book Zone was, you guessed it, dedicated to all things bookish and it was great fun to walk round and see all the displays the publishers had put together. I got tattooed by Hachette, gossiped with Hot Key and browsed the Waterstones booth to check out all the brilliant releases that were for sale - they had early copies of a few books but they sold out prettyyyyy swiftly.

After a day at Earls Court I headed to O'Neills with a few other bloggers and we recharged our phones, feasted on cheesy chips and drank cocktails to relax from a busy day - after that we hit the Fringe event, organised by the fantastic Sophia Bennett, and got to chinwag with even more authors and bloggers.

Me and Lynsey didn't get back to our hotel room until almost midnight, where I pretty much zonked out for seven hours and slept like an absolute log...all in preparation for day two of YALC!

So, to finish the post off, here are a few of my favourite snaps from day one of YALC (SELFIE ALERT):

Me and my lovely new pal, Georgina // Me and my roomie, Lynsey // Me and Non (of internet sperm/Trouble fame) // Me and Tanya Byrne (we finallllly met!) // Me and my best friend, a mojito // Me and the dragon skull from GoT

I'll be back soon with my round up of day two - which will include my round up of the weekend and my highlights and lowlights of YALC!


  1. Great write up Carly.. and I love your selfies :) Looking forward to part 2!

  2. What a beautiful photo of you and Tanya Byrne!


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