About Me

Hi everybody! I'm Carly, I'm a UK based 24 year old creative writing graduate from Bath Spa University.

I review YA fiction for my blog, Chicklish and Curled Up With a Good Book. I mostly read contemporary YA fiction but I also read horror and a lot of non-fiction. I'm currently getting ready to pitch my first novel to agents, which is terrifying and exciting in equal measure.

Aside from reading and writing I like to keep busy with listening to music, going to gigs, watching rubbish horror films, buying pretty dresses and searching for the perfect eyeliner. Life is good.

So I'm Carly, that's a little about me and if you want advice, to collaborate on a feature or just have a chat please don't hesitate to message me on carlybennett@hotmail.com. I will reply and I will be nice, promise :).

Writing from the Tub on the Web!

Here are a few places on the Internet where my blog or reviews have been quoted by some lovely writers and publicists, yay!