Review/Privacy Policy

Review Policy

This section is for publicists, authors and other bloggers to find out what books I accept for review and the kind of content I'm happy to feature here at Writing from the Tub.

To contact me about arranging a review/guest post etc, please email me at and I'll get back to you when I can.

Please note I do not accept self-published books for review and am currently not taking part in blog tours.

I now only accept review copies that fall into the following genres and age ranges:

- YA: Contemporary and horror

I am currently not accepting books that fall into any other genres, unless you're from a publishing house I have already worked with in the past. If you do want to send me a book for review please drop me an email before you send it, just so I can make sure it's a title that fits in with what I feature at Writing from the Tub.

If you want me to have a look at a new release in a series then please note I don't read series out of order so please do provide the other titles in the series.

I do not guarantee that every book I receive for review will be read and reviewed, particularly if the book is sent unsolicited.

Privacy Policy

Let me just clarify now that if you provide me your address or any details as part of a giveaway I will never, ever share your information with anybody other than whoever may be sending the prize out (most of the time that will be me but sometimes I have to pass on details to the publisher, who will send you your prize) and I'll only ask for the details that I genuinely need to use. Obviously I won't sell your details on to a third party company!

Also, I don't want to preach here but the Internet can be a dangerous place so do take care - don't leave any personal details in a comment on my blog. My email addresses are and, I won't contact you from another address so don't reply to anything that doesn't from either of those but says it's from me - it's not!

Finally, I know there are some younger bloggers out there (you guys rock) so if anybody under sixteen wants to enter one of my contests that's great but in the interest of your safety I will need an email from a parent or guardian, stating it's okay for you to enter and pass on your address to me if you win. That way we're taking all the steps we can to ensure your safety :).